Miami DUI Manslaughter Charges

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At my firm, Jonathan Blecher, P.A., I have been called upon to act as defense counsel in cases of DUI manslaughter. With over 30 years of experience in DUI defense, I have gained critical experience that has proven to be extremely helpful to those I represent for this felony offense. I am proud to have been listed as a "Top Ten DUI Lawyer" by the Miami Herald, and I have a 10.0 or "Superb" rating from Avvo, as well as a top rating from Martindale-Hubbell®, AV Preeminent®.

I have defended over 3,000 individuals facing a range of DUI charges, including DUI manslaughter, over my years in practice as a Miami DUI defense lawyer. If you are facing charges for this felony, or believe charges will soon be filed against you, talk to me at my firm before you make any decisions, answer questions from law enforcement, or discuss your case with anyone. The sooner I get involved the better we can prepare your defense.

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Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for DUI Manslaughter

There are now mandatory minimum sentencing requirements for cases of DUI manslaughter, and any convicted offender will be required to spend a minimum of 4 years in prison, and in many cases, far longer. DUI manslaughter is a second degree felony, and the charge will be filed if there is the death of any human being (including an unborn child), and alcohol impairment or intoxication was a proximate cause of the crash. The penalties, even for a first-time offender, can be up to 15 years in prison. Those who have criminal record will be facing a longer prison sentence, and in certain cases, could be sentenced to life in prison.

Why You Need a Tough Legal Defender

This is a very serious legal problem, and the consequences of a conviction are life-changing. No matter what happened in your case, whether you are innocent or you have some level of responsibility for the accident, you have the right to an attorney. Who you choose as to defend you is a critical issue with regard to the final outcome of the charges against you. You cannot take chances with the quality of your criminal defense lawyer, as the consequences will be extremely grave if you are convicted. Beyond the legal requirement to be sentenced to years in state prison, you will also be dealing with a mandatory lifetime revocation of your driver's license, once released.

The case could require that I engage an independent accident investigator to review all of the details of the accident, as well as all information regarding BAC testing. The police may have assumed that you were responsible for the accident, and were driving drunk, but this may or may not be true. Every detail must be analyzed, including the BAC testing procedures employed in your case. I know your freedom is important to you, and that this is an extremely stressful situation.

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