Second DUI Offense in Florida

What are the penalties for a second DUI?

A 2nd DUI conviction that occurs after 5 years of another conviction will result in a number of serious penalties, including the following:

  • 180 day to 1 year license revocation (without hardship license)
  • 9 months in jail
  • up to $2,000 in fines
  • installation of an ignition interlock device for up to a year

If your BAC levels were above .15%, then penalties are are increased to a year in jail, $4,000 in fines, and an ignition interlock device for two years.

License Reinstatement for a 2nd DUI

According to FHSMV, You cannot reinstate early for hardship. The full revocation period must be served before requesting driver license reinstatement.The second DUI conviction within a five-year period will result in a five-year revocation. You may apply for a hardship license at the Administrative Reviews Office after serving one year from effective date of revocation. DUI School, and treatment, if referred, must be completed and you must have a favorable recommendation from the Special Supervision Services Program to be eligible for a hardship license.

If given approval to reinstate early for hardship, you must present this approval to the driver license office. You must remain in the Special Supervision Services Program for the duration of the revocation period to retain your hardship license.

If you wait to reinstate until after your revocation period ends, proof of enrollment or completion of DUI School, and treatment, if referred, is required. Failure to complete the course within 90 days after reinstatement will result in cancellation of your driver license by the department until the course is completed. Failure to complete treatment may result in cancellation of your driver license.

At the time of reinstatement, whether for a hardship license or a full license, you must take the required examination, and pay $115 administrative fee and $60 reinstatement fee and any license fee required. Proof of liability insurance on the arrest date will be required or proof of liability coverage and a $15 reinstatement fee will be required.

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