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  • Halloween DUI in Miami-Dade County

    || 27-Oct-2016

    From an impending hurricane to St. Patrick’s Day, to Cinco de Mayo and major federal holidays, Miami residents will find any excuse to party. So, it’s no wonder why the Magic City goes “all out” on a day like Halloween. This year Halloween falls on Monday, Oct. 31 – that means that Miami will be partying all weekend long, starting on Friday, Oct. 28. Whether ...
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  • Ignition Interlock Locations in Miami

    || 24-Oct-2016

    With DUI enforcement on the rise and courts taking a more measured approach to treating offenders and keepthem from re-offending, ignition interlock devices are becoming more and more popular as a sentencing tool. Below is a list of private companies that install ignition interlock devices in Miami: Ciro's Auto Sound and Security, 340 NW 22nd Avenue, Miami FL 33125; (305) 642-5151 Fox ...
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  • Unlawful Driving After a Miami DUI

    || 13-Oct-2016

    After someone is convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) under Sec. 316.193 of the Florida Statutes, they will face a series of penalties, such as: 50 hours of community service, a fine ranging from $500 to $2,000, DUI School, up to 9 months in jail, up to one year driver’s license revocation, and probation. If the driver was convicted of their first DUI offense, they may not have ...
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  • States Should Reduce Driver BAC limits to .05%, Says NTSB

    || 29-Sep-2016

    Every year the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) releases its “most wanted” list of ten policies recommended for national implementation. This year, the list includes suggested changes towards the improvement of rail transit safety, the reduction of fatigue-related accidents, and the reduction of accidents due to alcohol impairment. The proposed changes to drinking and ...
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  • Labor Day DUI Miami 2016

    || 1-Sep-2016

    The residents of Miami don't need an excuse to celebrate and Labor Day is no exception. Each year, Labor Day is observed on the first Monday in September. This year, Labor Day will be on September 5, 2016, but the party will begin on Friday, September 2nd. As the summer draws to a close, families return from vacation and children go back to school, and people get back into “work ...
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  • Attorney Blecher Named as One of Six DUI Super Lawyers® in Florida

    || 19-Aug-2016

    If you are not familiar with Super Lawyers® and their work, you really should be. Regarded as one of the top organizations in the world that researches and recognizes the smartest and toughest attorneys in the United States and the United Kingdom, Super Lawyers® allows everyday people to find legal professionals in their area and within the area of expertise relevant to their case by ...
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  • Can I Get a DUI With a Low BAL?

    || 29-Jul-2016

    Most Florida drivers are well aware of the fact that they can be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) if they are caught driving with a blood alcohol level (BAL) of.08% or more in their system. With that knowledge in mind, it’s common practice for people to have a “drink or two” before they hit the road, believing they can’t get a DUI if their BAC doesn’t ...
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  • Can I Get a Florida Hardship License?

    || 14-Jul-2016

    Let’s say you were recently arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Miami. The officer believed he smelled the odor of alcohol on your breath, or he noted indications of drug use, so he asked you to submit to a chemical test (breath or urine), but you said, “No thank you.” This is called a chemical test refusal, which results in an automatic one year driver’s ...
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  • Can I Get My DUI Case Moved to Florida?

    || 7-Jul-2016

    If it’s one thing about people, a lot of us move around, especially when such a move is for a new job, or to attend a college out of state. That being said, it’s not uncommon for people to get a DUI in one state, and then move to another state while their DUI is pending in the courts. In California for example, the DA has one year to file charges for a misdemeanor DUI. So, it ...
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  • Prescription Drug DUIs in Florida

    || 30-Jun-2016

    Most people believe that driving represents freedom and independence. For the majority of us, we can’t imagine a life without driving, especially because everything is so spread out. It’s not like we live in Europe where we can travel almost anywhere by bicycle. No matter how many years of driving we have under our belts, or how “automatic” driving becomes, it’s ...
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  • Should I Submit to a Breath Test?

    || 15-Jun-2016

    As a DUI defense attorney I am frequently asked, “Should I submit to a breath test?” If you ask different attorneys, you’ll hear different opinions. Generally speaking, my response to people when they ask me this question is no, don’t do it. When asked to take a breath tests, I believe that it is best to invoke your right against self-incrimination and not blow. Even if you ...
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  • What Should I Do After an Underage DUI?

    || 9-Jun-2016

    According to the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 10 high school students drinks and drives. The CDC further reported that in 2011, nearly one million teens in high school consumed alcohol and climbed behind the wheel. The CDC reports that the number of teens who drink and drive decreased by 54 percent since 1991 due to the enactment of “zero ...
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  • Can I Drink While on Probation for DUI in Florida?

    || 31-May-2016

    If you were recently arrested for driving under the influence in Miami, you want to think about how a potential conviction would affect the different aspects of your life. While each person’s circumstances are different, a DUI can affect: A person’s career, especially if they are in an occupation that would frown upon a DUI. A person’s family. How would your family be affected if ...
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  • Memorial Day DUI Arrests in Miami

    || 25-May-2016

    The Memorial Day holiday weekend makes us think of barbeques with friends and family, high school and college graduations, and for locals, “Urban Beach Week,” which means parties and hip-hop concerts across South Beach. What’s not to love about this weekend? The three-day Memorial Day holiday weekend means there will be plenty of alcohol flowing, so it’s no wonder why the ...
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  • For decades, the police have been using roadside breathalyzers to determine if drivers are intoxicated. But drunk driving is not the only problem the roadways of our country are faced with anymore. Now people need to be worried if the person one lane over is on their smartphone and texting or not. What can law enforcement do to cut to the chase to identify and penalize texting drivers? They can ...
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  • DUI Victim Impact Panel in Miami

    || 28-Apr-2016

    Routinely imposed as a condition of probation or the Back on Track Miami Diversion Program in DUI cases in Miami, Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD) presents a panel discussion to hundreds of people each month. In Miami, the groups meet at Miami Southwest Senior High School. The Victim Impact Panel in Miami is delivered by MADD. The purpose of the VIP program is to help DUI offenders ...
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  • Moving After a Florida DUI

    || 21-Apr-2016

    Let’s say that you moved to Florida from California after graduating college so you could accept an exciting new job. While living in Miami, you were enjoying the nightlife and perhaps a little too much. You had your first DUI in Los Angeles when you were attending UCLA, and now you got your second DUI (in three years) while living in Florida. The DUI cost you your job, so you were forced to ...
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  • Can I Be Un-Arrested for a Florida DUI?

    || 7-Apr-2016

    Since 1982, I have defended over 3,000 suspended license and DUI cases, so I can honestly say that nothing surprises me anymore. For this post, I am going to discuss something that is highly rare, but possible. It has to do with what some would call being “un-arrested” for driving under the influence. Let’s say that Joe was arrested on suspicion of DUI and taken down to the ...
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  • Jonathan Blecher Elected to FACDL Board of Directors

    || 7-Apr-2016

    Longtime Miami DUI attorney, Jonathan Blecher, was recently elected to serve a one-year term on the Board of Directors for the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Miami Chapter. Mr. Blecher's goal is to advocate the interests of DUI defense attorneys in Miami-Dade County. Mr. Blecher has devoted his practice to the defense of DUI cases for decades and is a member of the National ...
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  • Underage Drivers and DUI

    || 23-Mar-2016

    For Florida drivers, one of their worst fears is being arrested for driving under the influence. After all, a DUI conviction can translate into jail time, fines, driver’s license suspension, community service, DUI School, skyrocketing insurance premiums, and a host of other unwanted consequences. If you’re under 21 and you’re convicted of DUI, it’s not going to look good on ...
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  • St. Patrick's Day DUI

    || 17-Mar-2016

    It’s that time of year again, time for green beer, shamrocks, leprechauns, and corn beef and cabbage. St. Patrick’s Day falls on Thursday, March 17, and throughout Miami, the streets will be covered in a sea of green until the sun rises Friday morning. Whether locals are celebrating the little bit of Irish in them, or participating in the festivities, the Magic City sure knows how to ...
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  • Drugs & DUI Florida

    || 2-Mar-2016

    When people hear the term driving under the influence or “DUI,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is driving under the influence of alcohol. What many people do not realize is that in Florida and across the country, they can also get arrested for DUI if they are driving under the influence of drugs. I’m not only talking about illegal drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana or ...
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  • Woman, 19, Faces DUI Manslaughter for Miami-Dade Crash

    || 18-Feb-2016

    On Wednesday, Dec. 9, a young woman facing a DUI manslaughter charge for a deadly Miami-Dade crash that killed her passenger had her first court appearance. S. Restrepo, 19, was charged in the September 2015 crash that took the life of her young passenger, L. Aguilera. Aguilera’s mother told NBC 6 News that she not only blames Restrepo, but she blames the motel where the pair were partying ...
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  • Out of State DUI: Arrested in Miami

    || 25-Jan-2016

    I Went on Vacation, and Left on Probation As all residents of Miami know, there are countless things to do in the Magic City besides taking in the beautiful beaches and soaking up the sun. From South Beach to the Art Deco District, to Little Havana, Lincoln Road Mall, to Vizcaya Museum & Gardens and Key Biscayne (what locals call “the Key”), it’s no wonder why tourists are ...
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  • Miami DUI Attorney Blecher Featured on Business Radio

    || 20-Jan-2016

    Recently I have been featured on popular talk radio show Fried On Business. Whenever radio personality Jim Fried wants to talk about DUI-related incidents, he always turns to me, especially during the holiday season when driving under the influence violations spike every year. On his program, which typically covers topics ranging from legal issues to smart consumer purchases, I gave him and his ...
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