South Florida Man Faces DUI Manslaughter Charges After Hit-and-Run

By Jonathan Blecher on April 16, 2015

In the early hours of April 11, a man drove into a pedestrian and fled the scene, leaving the woman for dead. The impact of the accident was so severe that the victim’s body was severed in half. The contents of the victim’s shopping bag were strewn all over the street.

The hit-and-run occurred around 5:15 a.m. on Northwest 54th Street, near Fifth Aveneu. The accident was caught on tape by surveillance cameras belonging to the Bawa Food Market, located on the corner near where the collision took place.

The surveillance footage recorded a two-door sedan travelling at a high rate of speed. The sedan struck the victim and fled the scene, leaving the woman’s lifeless body on the road. According to Miami Police Sgt. Luis Taborda, the offender was driving a white Oldsmobile.

A woman witnessed the accident, and was left understandably disturbed. She said that it was terrible, and that it was horrible. She said that after the accident, she flagged the man saying that he had just hit somebody, but he just kept on driving.

According to police, there was no way that anyone could have survived that type of impact. Investigators said that the car struck the pedestrianwith so much force that her body was cut in half. Taborda said that the accident was horrific, and that he hadn’t seen one this bad in some time.

After the accident, police put out a BOLO (“be on the lookout”) for the Oldsmobile. It didn’t take long. Shortly afterwards Miami-Dade Police spotted the vehicle at Northeast 163rd Street and 15th Avenue in North Miami Beach.

The driver was 29-year-old G. Sanchez, who, according to police, was intoxicated when they pulled him over. The windshield on his 1987 Oldsmobile was shattered, and there was dried blood on the fender.

The driver was cuffed and taken into custody. When an officer asked Sanchez if he knew why he was taken into custody, he said that he didn’t know and asked what the problem was. When Sanchez was asked if he knew that he killed a lady, he said “no.”

Sanchez is at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, being held on $150,000 bond. He will likely be charged with DUI manslaughter and hit-and-run.

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