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Month: January 2016

Out of State DUI: Arrested in Miami

I Went on Vacation, and Left on Probation As all residents of Miami know, there are countless things to do in the Magic City besides taking in the beautiful beaches and soaking up the sun. From South Beach to the Art Deco District, to Little Havana, Lincoln Road Mall, to Vizcaya Museum & Gardens and Key Biscayne (what locals call…

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Miami DUI Attorney Blecher Featured on Business Radio

Recently I have been featured on popular talk radio show Fried On Business. Whenever radio personality Jim Fried wants to talk about DUI-related incidents, he always turns to me, especially during the holiday season when driving under the influence violations spike every year. On his program, which typically covers topics ranging from legal issues to smart consumer purchases, I gave…

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Do I Need an IID for a First DUI in Florida?

Under Section 316.193 of the Florida Statutes, ignition interlock devices must be installed in the vehicles of certain people who are convicted of DUI. Do all first DUI offenders have to install an IID? The answer: an IID has not automatically required for all first time DUI offenders, but the court may order it. Florida’s ignition interlock program applies to those convicted…

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