Miami DUI Attorney Blecher Featured on Business Radio

By Jonathan Blecher on January 20, 2016

Recently I have been featured on popular talk radio show Fried On Business. Whenever radio personality Jim Fried wants to talk about DUI-related incidents, he always turns to me, especially during the holiday season when driving under the influence violations spike every year. On his program, which typically covers topics ranging from legal issues to smart consumer purchases, I gave him and his listeners a quick rundown of some pertinent DUI statistics, such as:

  • There were 61,000 DUIs in Florida last year.
  • There were 1.3
    million total in the country.
  • And about 25% of all DUI arrests involve someone between 21 and 25 years old.
  • Statistics show texting while driving is more dangerous than DUI.

I also wanted to take the time to make it clear that DUIs are not just handcuffs and a night in jail. No, the consequences can actually be lifelong, even if it is a first-time, nonviolent DUI on your record. People lose their jobs, get drained of their finances, and more because of one mistake. Of course, I am not condoning drunk driving – why not just use Uber or another taxi service instead? – but I am saying that a motorist accused of a DUI still has the right to be defended from excessive penalties.

What Should You Do If You’re Pulled Over?

My friend Mr. Fried wanted his listeners to know a few things about what to do if they find themselves with the flashing red-and-blue behind them this holiday season. I discussed that it is always smart to pull over as soon as you can, and with no sudden movements. Bring your car to a complete stop like you normally would. At this point, the police officer
is operating on their suspicion, not any facts, so you cannot give them anything to use against you. This means staying calm, handing them the paperwork they ask for, and saying as little as possible. Additionally, you should not be taking any field sobriety tests curbside, as these are designed to make you fail.

Follow this link to hear the broadcast.

Do you have more questions about DUIs in Florida this holiday season? Why not let me, Miami DUI Attorney Jonathan Blecher, be the one to help you? I’ve got more than 30 years of legal experience, and the entirety of my firm is focused on DUI defense. You can even get a free initial consultation! Just call 305-321-3237 today.

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