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Month: June 2016

Prescription Drug DUIs in Florida

Most people believe that driving represents freedom and independence. For the majority of us, we can’t imagine a life without driving, especially because everything is so spread out. It’s not like we live in Europe where we can travel almost anywhere by bicycle. No matter how many years of driving we have under our belts, or how “automatic” driving becomes,…

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Will a DUI Stop Me From Joining the Military?

Let’s say you were convicted of driving under the influence in Florida in 2012. At the time, you were just 19-years-old. It was a simple first-time DUI, nobody else was involved, there was no accident and no one was hurt. Your driver’s license was suspended for one year, and you have since proven that you are a law-abiding citizen and…

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Should I Submit to a Breath Test?

As a DUI defense attorney I am frequently asked, “Should I submit to a breath test?” If you ask different attorneys, you’ll hear different opinions. Generally speaking, my response to people when they ask me this question is no, don’t do it. When asked to take a breath tests, I believe that it is best to invoke your right against self-incrimination…

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What Should I Do After an Underage DUI?

According to the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 10 high school students drinks and drives. The CDC further reported that in 2011, nearly one million teens in high school consumed alcohol and climbed behind the wheel. The CDC reports that the number of teens who drink and drive decreased by 54 percent…

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