Attorney Jonathan Blecher Quoted in Super Lawyers® DUI Article

By Jonathan Blecher on August 11, 2016

Super Lawyers® is a popular and prestigious organization that looks for the best and brightest attorneys all across the United States, and even in the United Kingdom. Not only do they help the average person find above-average legal help but they also rely on their top attorneys themselves from time to time. When the group published a recent issue of Super Lawyers® Magazine with an article about what to do if you are pulled over, they turned to Miami DUI Attorney Jonathan Blecher for insight and assistance.

In the article, they revealed that more than one million Americans will be sent to jail each year for driving under the influence (DUI) charges. Each one of those people faces, on average, about $10,000 in costs, fees, and fines. More expensive than several thousand dollars, however, are personal freedom, driving privileges, and job opportunity; three crucial aspects of an adult’s life that are usually stripped away because of a DUI traffic stop and arrest.

Attorney Blecher was quoted within the article as saying that the first advice he gives to people is to simply not drive drunk. But if they have made a mistake and it is already too late to make that decision, his next bit of advice is to stay respectfully silent during the traffic stop. As Attorney Blecher puts it, “Anything you say to the officer is somehow going to be twisted against you.” The police need evidence to land a conviction and they will look for it anywhere they can, even in places it is not, such as your words and actions when pulled over; distorting what you say to make it sound self-incriminating is not a new practice for some highway patrol officers.

Lastly, Attorney Blecher encourages his clients to never take a field sobriety test, such as touching your nose while balancing on one foot. Instead, as the officer before taking a test if it is required by law; if they say no, politely refuse to do it.

Glimmers of Hope for First-Time DUI Offenders

In Miami-Dade County, people who have been arrested for a DUI without any prior DUIs or felonies on their criminal record are afforded some breathing room through a special program called Back on Track. This prosecution-diversion program will lower a DUI charge to reckless driving and withhold guilt so long as they complete an extensive DUI school and drug abuse program. For many people who really have just made the mistake of underestimating how many drinks they had out on the town with friends, Back on Track can be a welcome alternative to the harsh penalties of the law.

If you have questions about DUIs and your rights during a traffic stop, you should do what Super Lawyers® did and contact Miami DUI Attorney Jonathan Blecher. With more than 31 years of experience handling criminal defense cases and having a deliberate focus on DUI law, you can rely on Attorney Blecher to bring you honest, responsive, and hard-hitting defense when you need it most. Call 305-321-3237 for more information.

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