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Month: January 2017

Driving on a Revoked License After a Florida DUI

In Florida, driving under the influence (DUI) is criminalized under Section 316.193 of the Florida Statutes. Under this section, a first DUI is punishable by fines, imprisonment, community service, probation, and let us not forget…driver’s license revocation. As a defense attorney who has been practicing DUI defense for over 30 years, I can say that all DUI defendants have a difficult time…

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Sleeping it Off Can Lead to a DUI

So, what does “actual physical control” mean in a Florida DUI case? It means that a driver can be arrested and charged with DUI so long as they are physically capable of moving the vehicle. For example, “Mike” drives completely sober to a bar. After having four drinks, Mike leaves the bar at closing time and realizes he’s in no…

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