How Do I Know if My Crime Is a Petty, Misdemeanor, or Felony Offense?

By Jonathan Blecher on March 6, 2017

In counties like Miami-Dade, the case number starts with a letter. F is a felony, and M is a misdemeanor. You can look at the case number to know whether you are charged with one or the other. Follow this link to the Miami-Dade County Clerk online record search page. In other counties in Florida, there may be a combination of letters like CF or MM.

There are some crimes that are initially charged as a felony, but the crime could be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony, such as DUI. Your criminal lawyer should be contacted to get information about your specific charges and what can be done to either get the charges reduced or dismissed, or what the chances are for achieving an acquittal at trial.

Although a misdemeanor is far less serious than a felony, the penalties imposed by the court often include jail time (up to 12 months) and a long period of probation. If you already have been convicted of a similar misdemeanor, the prosecutor may decide to file felony charges rather than a misdemeanor.

Being caught in the criminal justice system is extremely dangerous, no matter what level the charges. Your first step should be to get legal representation. The system is geared to convict, and your life could take a serious turn for the worse if you are not represented by a qualified defense lawyer. The lawyer protects your rights as a defendant, negotiates to reduce a felony charge to a misdemeanor when possible, and is who stands between you and the serious consequences that could take place if you are not professionally defended.

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