How Important are Videos in DUI Cases?

By Jonathan Blecher on August 31, 2017

Police dashcam videos show how important the use of video technology can be when defending a DUI case. In the case of one such video, three police officers involved from Oklahoma were suspended for lying in police reports about the DUI arrest.

In Miami-Dade County, Florida police agencies across the board discontinued the use of dash-mounted cameras and in-station cameras nearly two decades ago. The public explanation was that the videotaping equipment was too costly to use and maintain. The Miami Chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers offered to pay for the maintenance and supplies
for the VCRs. That offer was declined.

In fact, the real reason for the change in evidence gathering policy was that police and prosecutors were losing cases hand over fist as video evidence was inconsistent with police officer’s testimony. Defendants were performing well on physical sobriety tests, incriminating statements attributed to the Defendants were not actually made and impaired driving
patterns were not to be found.

The Rise of Technology

Technology has put us so far ahead of the cumbersome equipment used in the past. Every officer has, at a minimum, a smart phone capable of recording video on the scene. There are even body-mounted cameras are available to police agencies for as little as $199.00. A simple and inexpensive camera is also a bonus for officer safety and a built-in defense to accusations
of police misconduct.

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