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Month: September 2017

True Impact of a Criminal Record

When you’re convicted of a crime, you acquire a criminal record. Even if you’re found guilty of something minor, such as disorderly conduct or misdemeanor DUI, you still face the consequences of a criminal record, which can affect you for years to come. Once you have a record, it becomes accessible to the public. Meaning, if you ever apply for a…

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Prostitution Charges in Miami

Like marijuana, a lot of people think that prostitution should be legal. However, despite being one of the oldest occupations in existence, prostitution is still very much illegal, except for a small area in Nevada. Why does the government still prosecute people for prostitution despite its popularity? For starters, human trafficking is BIG business and as long as there is a demand for…

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Marijuana DUI in Florida

If you’re a supporter of medical marijuana or marijuana for recreational use, or both, you’ve probably heard how some states have decriminalized marijuana possession for personal use. Colorado, Nevada, California, and Oregon for example, have made it legal for adults to possess a small amount of marijuana for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana is also widely accepted in these states. Here…

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