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Month: February 2018

What Are the Benefits of an Expungement?

Nothing good ever came out of a criminal record. A criminal record has far-reaching consequences; it can affect college scholarships, college applications, athletics (playing for a college team), employment, housing, security clearance, military careers, and professional licenses. Under Section 943.053 of the Florida Statutes, adult criminal record histories are public, unless a record has been expunged or sealed. What is the difference between a…

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Do I Have to Take the Field Sobriety Tests?

When you’re pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) and the officer suspects that you have been drinking, usually, he or she will ask you to perform the standardized field sobriety tests and if you don’t do well on those, next you’ll be asked to submit to a chemical test, usually in the form of a breath…

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Can the Cops Follow Me from a Bar?

People come from all over the world to visit Miami’s white sandy beaches and to enjoy some of the best nightlife in the country. Due to its hot nightspots, one can imagine how Miami’s cops would be drawn to the area. After all, bar fights and drunk driving have to be a nightly occurrence. But how far can the cops…

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