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Month: April 2018

Am I Eligible for Back on Track with a Prior DUI?

A conviction for DUI, even a misdemeanor DUI will have long-lasting consequences. In the short-term, it can lead to thousands of fines, license suspension, community service, probation, DUI School, AA classes, and more. In the long-term, it causes a driver to lose the Good Driver Discount for years. A DUI results in a criminal record and the stigma of a criminal conviction. A…

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Can a Conviction Bar Me from Owning a Firearm?

For many Americans, they take pride in their right to bear arms. Firearms can help people protect themselves and their loved ones from dangerous individuals, and this is a right they take very seriously. If you’re suddenly facing criminal charges in Florida, you may be worried that a conviction would bar you from possessing or owning firearms – this is…

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Can DUI Fees Be Included in Bankruptcy?

A lot of people get into trouble with court-ordered fines, whether they’re for a moving violation, such as speeding, a ticket for driving without insurance, or driving under the influence (DUI). When these fines are ignored, things go downhill from there. Eventually, a past-due fine will be sent to collections and it will negatively affect the driver’s credit score. Suppose…

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