How Does a DUI Affect the NEXUS Program?

By Jonathan Blecher on October 22, 2018

The NEXUS Program was established by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. NEXUS was created to help certain low-risk travelers so they can enjoy expedited processing while they enter the United States and Canada.

In order to become a member of the program, you have to be pre-screened and undergo a background check. You cannot be a security threat, but that’s obvious. Once you become a member of the NEXUS program, you get to use special processing lanes that are set up at:

  • Select northern border ports of entry
  • NEXUS kiosks when you enter Canada from the air
  • Global Entry kiosks when you enter the U.S. from select Canadian airports

In addition to the above, when NEXUS members are at marine reporting locations, they also get to benefit from expedited processing.

What Cancels NEXUS Eligibility

Are you eligible for the NEXUS program? If so, what can cancel your eligibility? U.S. citizens, Green Card holders, Canadian citizens and lawful permanent residents, and Mexican nationals who are active members of Viajero Confiable, Mexico’s trusted traveler program can apply for the NEXUS program.

NEXUS membership may be canceled or denied if you:

  • Provide false information when you fill out the application.
  • Have a warrant out for your arrest.
  • Have pending criminal charges against you, including DUI.
  • Are convicted of any criminal offense, including DUI.
  • Have violated the immigration or customs laws in any country.
  • Are under investigation by a local, state, or federal law enforcement agency.

If you travel between the U.S. and Canada frequently for work or to see family and you are a proud member of the NEXUS program, all that can change if you’re charged with driving under the influence. Beyond that, a DUI conviction can bar someone from traveling to Canada for 10 years, and it can trigger removal proceedings for some Green Card holders.

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