Can I Drive for Uber in Florida with a DUI?

By Jonathan Blecher on January 28, 2019

You may have heard that anybody can drive for Uber, but that’s not entirely true. Uber still has some “minimum requirements” for potential drivers, such as having a valid U.S. driver license, having an eligible four-door vehicle, having at least one year of licensed driving experience if you’re 23 or older, and having proof of valid insurance.

But what about a criminal record? If you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), does that mean you can’t have a career driving for Uber? You see, after someone signs up for Uber, they have to undergo a screening, which reviews their driving record and their criminal history. If a DUI pops up, it can be an issue.

Major Driving Violations an Issue

Can a DUI disqualify you from driving for Uber? Yes, it is more than likely. According to Uber’s website, “Major driving violations or a recent history of minor driving violations may result in disqualification.” It also says that convictions for the following are also disqualifying:

  • Felonies, including felony DUI;
  • Violent crimes;
  • Sexual offenses;
  • Register sex offender status; and
  • Pending charges for (possibly DUI) and the above crimes.

Subject to Florida law, background checks run on applicants may include criminal records throughout the applicant’s adult life. Subject to local and state law (in Florida), certain types of criminal convictions, such as rape or sexual assault, offenses related to terrorism and homicide, and other serious offenses will lead to disqualification if they occurred at any time in the person’s life, even if they took place decades earlier.

Periodically, Uber will run background checks on existing drivers, so even if you’re approved to drive for Uber, a future DUI can lead to disqualification.

A lot of people love driving for Uber. It lets them set their own hours so they can earn on their schedule. Drivers are paid fast and if they need anything, they can reach Uber anytime for support. If you’re independent, paid driving may be ideal for you, but if you’re facing DUI charges in Miami, it can definitely affect your ability to drive for Uber or Lyft.

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