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Month: February 2019

Robert Kraft Arrest

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, and long-time Trump supporter has been charged with soliciting a prostitute, stemming from a police investigation of a massage parlor in Martin County, Florida.   I’ve represented dozens of men and women charged with this solicitation of prostitution, like Robert Kraft. For a first offense, many defendants are offered some form of…

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What is Police Misconduct in a DUI Case?

In all occupations, employees or workers have the opportunity to make a good choice or a bad choice, and law enforcement officers are no different. Not only can law enforcement have errors in judgement like everybody else, but they are human and they too, can make mistakes. So, can police misconduct occur in a DUI case? Of course, it can. The…

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Can a DUI Affect Child Custody?

Child custody cases are common during and after a divorce, but they can also arise in a paternity action or in situations where the mother and father were never married, but paternity has been legally established. If you are a mother or a father in Miami-Dade County or anywhere else in Florida and you are involved in a family law…

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Why Should I Get an Expungement?

There is no doubt that there’s a stigma of having a criminal record, and many people don’t truly realize the extent of this stigma until they experience it for themselves. While a criminal record can affect someone in many ways, there are three particular areas of life that are impacted the most: 1) employment, 2) housing, and 3) education. When…

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