What Is ‘Supervision’ in Florida?

By Jonathan Blecher on July 23, 2019

When people are convicted of crimes in Florida, the state wants to make sure that once they are released into the community, they have effective supervision. This benefits the offenders and helps reduce recidivism.

There are several purposes of “supervision,” such as making sure the offender stays in contact with the Florida Department of Corrections and making sure they do not break the law. Another main purpose of supervision is to promote public safety.

Types of Supervision in Florida

There are seven different types of supervision in Florida, including:

  1. Probation: With probation, the probationer is ordered to community supervision for a set period of time. During this time, the probation must follow all court-ordered conditions.
  2. Drug Offender Probation: This is an intensive form of supervision that focuses heavily on treatment and it includes random drug testing.
  3. Community Control: This is a type of “house arrest” in the community and it involves surveillance, which includes holidays and weekends.
  4. Administrative Probation: This type of supervision is for low-risk offenders.
  5. Parole: This form of post-prison supervision is for eligible inmates and the terms are set by the Florida Commission on Offender Review.
  6. Pre-trial Intervention: If an eligible offender completes this type of supervision, the State Attorney will not prosecute, however, the state attorney, victim, and the judge must provide their consent.
  7. Sex Offender Probation: This is specifically for sex offenders and may include sex offender treatment, no access to the internet, electronic monitoring, registering as a sex offender, and staying away from places where children gather, such as parks.

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