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Month: October 2019

Can I Claim Self-Defense in Florida?

Are you facing assault or battery charges in Florida? If you are, you may be thinking something to the effect of, “But I was defending myself! Don’t I have a right to self-defense?” If you think about it, many fights involve: 1) someone who started it, and 2) someone who was struck first and defending themselves. If you’re the second…

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Florida DUI: Do I Have to Take a Chemical Test?

For a lot of drivers, what they learned about driving under the influence (DUI) stops, they gleaned from TV and the movies. In my experience, the average driver doesn’t know much about Florida’s DUI laws, but that’s not just the case in Florida, that’s the case across the nation. Few people have a firm grasp of their state’s DUI laws and that’s…

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How Do I Avoid a DUI?

If you’re like a lot of people, you enjoy drinking alcohol on occasion. After all, drinking is practically an American pastime. In the United States, it’s common for people to drink at weddings, holiday gatherings, family barbeques, Super Bowl parties, birthday parties, divorce parties, football games, concerts, and so on. Since alcohol is frequently available at so many places, even…

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