The Real Costs of a DUI in Florida

By Jonathan Blecher on November 19, 2019

The Real Costs of a DUI in Florida

Here’s some fairly reliable estimates a first-time DUI conviction could cost (the cost may be higher in some other states). Remember, these numbers are estimates so your mileage may vary.

Fines, court and attorneys’ fees: $10,000

Florida has statutory/mandatory fines associated with DUI. Much will depend whether the DUI is a Firth DUI, Second DUI Third DUI or Fourth DUI. You will certainly have to pay those mandatory fines following a DUI conviction, along with various court costs. In more serious cases you’ll need a DUI attorney to help you get releesed from jail, post bail or to defend a charge.

Towing and Storage Fees: $300

You can’t drive if you’re pulled over, the police will have your car towed and you will need to pay to have it released

Drug education and treatment/counseling: $500-1000

Florida DUI convictions all carry some level of substance education program. This could range from a 12 hour live class to months of group counseling. Other states, such as California require completion either a 30-hour, 44-hour, or 60-hour program after your first offense, depending on the alcohol content of your breath.

In a Miami DUI for example, the prosecutors require completion of a MADD Victim Impact Panel as well as an online victim impact class (YouImpact)

DMV Hardship Permit and reinstatement fee after suspension: $500

Estimated increase in car insurance premiums over a 3-year period: Double or more

You are bound to see a big increase in your premium following a DUI. It may not be forever, but the increase of liability levels must be in place of 3 consecutive years. Follow this link for more information about FR-44 car insurance levels required in Florida.

Ignition Interlock Devices: Installation Fees are the Least of it

In Florida, a DUI conviction with a BrAc over .15 requires the installation of an ignition interlock device upon conviction for a minimum of six months. Having minors in the car will also trigger that requirement. Multiple DUI convictions, regardless of BrAc, impose an IID for longer periods. There’s monthly monitoring fees and the costs of an IID can run as much as $2,500 for a two-year period.

Beyond the Financial Impact

A DUI conviction can have an impact on your life well beyond the court case and suspension. It can affect immigration status, housing opportunities, loan applications and your job future.

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