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Month: January 2020

Can I Get a DUI on a Bird or Lime Scooter?

Motorized scooters are a new, efficient and quick method for travel all over the country. Can a driver get a DUI on one of them? In California, Los Angeles prosecutors convicted a person operating a motorized Bird scooter. In other states like Illinois, Colorado, and Indiana, residents would be at risk of a DUI arrest. Under Florida DUI law, a…

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Man Steals Weed from Airport Amnesty Box

Illinois became the first state to legalize and regulate adult-use cannabis through its legislative process, starting January 1, 2020. While cannabis is legal in Illinois, it’s not legal to take it on a plane with you. That’s against federal law. Forward-thinking Illinois authorities decided to give travelers a last-ditch effort to dump their weed before boarding by installing “Cannabis Amnesty…

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Police Looking at Texting to Catch Impaired Drivers

Drivers who are texting are 23 times more likely to be in a collision than those who aren’t. And, texting along with driving impaired are in the top three causes of traffic fatalities. Creative police in Canada are looking at using a device called a “Textalyzer” to scan people’s cell phones after being stopped for suspicion of texting while driving.…

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Can I Be Convicted of a DUI on a Horse and Buggy?

Well, it seems you can in Michigan, or at least be arrested for it. In Michigan, recently, four Amish young men, with questionable judgment were stopped while riding in buggy drawn by a horse by Gladwin County deputies. Police saw them throw beer cans from the buggy. Officers found empty and full beer cans and the subjects all gave false…

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Can I Avoid an Ignition Interlock Device in the Miami Dui Back on Track Program?

Miami DUI Prosecutors, in conjunction with input from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, are frequently making changes to the terms and conditions of the Back on Track Program. One of the most cumbersome requirements for DUI offenders is the installation of an ignition interlock device for either three or six months. What if I don’t own a car? What if drive a company…

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