Can I Avoid an Ignition Interlock Device in the Miami Dui Back on Track Program?

By Jonathan Blecher on January 14, 2020

Miami DUI Prosecutors, in conjunction with input from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, are frequently making changes to the terms and conditions of the Back on Track Program. One of the most cumbersome requirements for DUI offenders is the installation of an ignition interlock device for either three or six months. What if I don’t own a car? What if drive a company car? What if I drive clients during work? What if I drive an Uber or Lyft vehicle? There may be alternatives available to you.

A skilled DUI Attorney in Miami can work with prosecutors to negotiate a way out. Companies like Smart Start and Intoxilock supply portable, hand-held remote breath testing devices. Those devices require the user to provide breath samples during three-time windows each day. Each month the user is required to upload the testing data at the installation location, who in turn reports any violations to the Back on Track Program. One problem with this technology is that it requires total abstinence from alcohol during the time assigned the device.

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