Man Steals Weed from Airport Amnesty Box

By Jonathan Blecher on January 28, 2020

Illinois became the first state to legalize and regulate adult-use cannabis through its legislative process, starting January 1, 2020. While cannabis is legal in Illinois, it’s not legal to take it on a plane with you. That’s against federal law.

Forward-thinking Illinois authorities decided to give travelers a last-ditch effort to dump their weed before boarding by installing “Cannabis Amnesty Boxes” at TSA checkpoints. That way, travelers can fly worry-free if they forget to leave their goodies at home before getting to the airport. While marijuana has Illinois for less than a month, what happened at Chicago’s Midway Airport recently was only a matter of time.

Recently, a traveler coming off a plane managed to access the “Amnesty Box”, removed someone’s stash and took off, according to Chicago Police. It wasn’t clear how he was able to access the box, which should have been locked.

While only medical marijuana is legal in Florida, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon, patients still can’t travel with it on planes.

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