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Month: February 2020

Should I Take a Breath Test? The Midnight Call

  When I tell people I’m a DUI specialist, the first question I’m asked is whether you take the test? Often this question comes up at 12:30 in the morning. The answer to this question turns on a variety of factors. I’m always available by cell phone to answer this question for someone about to make that crucial decision. So,…

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DUI Diversion Program Proposals in Florida Legislature

Proposed House Bill HB 1145/Senate Bill SB 1396 (2020) attempt to establish parameters for a statewide DUI Diversion Program. As the bills stand, they create a hodgepodge of poorly designed, impractical, punitive, and sometimes optional, requirements. While I think it’s a great idea in theory, most State Senators and State Representatives on the Criminal Justice Committees don’t practice criminal law…

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Will I Be Drug Or Alcohol Tested While On Probation?

If you’ve been placed on probation for DUI or any other criminal offense expect the possibility that the probation officer may require you to submit to drug or alcohol testing. A positive result on either of the test may result in just a warning or a probation violation warrant for your arrest. In the case of a full-blown probation violation…

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