Miami Beach to Reopen Beach & Hotels on June 1st

By Jonathan Blecher on May 22, 2020

Miami Is Ready to Get Back in Action, One Step at a Time

After months of waiting, it’s time to grab your sunscreen and towels: On June 1st, Miami Beach and Miami-Dade will reopen beaches and hotels. Miami Beach leads the pack, announcing its decision to reopen beaches and hotels on Friday, May 22nd. As a result, Miami-Dade decided to follow.

This is a major step closer to returning to “normal,” considering many US cities are still strictly closed due to COVID-19. Broward County, on the other hand, is considering opening its beaches, hotels and commercial gyms on May 26th, and plans to make an official announcement on Friday the 22nd.

As a result of these impactful decisions, tourism will spike back up, beaches will be crowded, and Miami’s economy will make a slow and steady comeback. Exciting, right?

Miami Beach Arrests & COVID-19

As eager as people are to swim in the ocean and tan on the beach, we must not forget that COVID-19 still exists and has no mercy for its victims. As such, Miami Beach will utilize attendants called “Beach Ambassadors” to regulate the size of public gatherings to enforce a certain level of safety for beachgoers. These ambassadors will monitor groups to ensure they don’t exceed 10 people.

If group sizes are over the limit, they will be placed on notice of the violation and asked to adjust their gathering, according to the city’s current public safety rules. If beachgoers don’t comply, ambassadors may call the police. Failure to obey a lawful command of a law enforcement officer or disorderly conduct/intoxication are the most likely enforcement tools, in addition to a civil citation, though a ride to jail would be the last resort for police to employ. You should focus on soaking up the sun, the salty air and the beautiful coast of Miami Beach instead.

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