The Return of Sports Means the Return of DUIs

By Jonathan Blecher on May 21, 2020

Sports Are on the Rise & So Are DUIs

Restaurants, retailers, parks, and sports are beginning to make a comeback in Miami, finally giving residents something to look forward to. Some sports athletes are beginning their training and competitions now, making thousands of fans enthusiastic about watching their favorite team and athletes on TV again. However, fans must wait until further notice to experience their teams play live due to COVID-19’s ongoing threats to public health. Nonetheless, this is a hopeful start.

As of now, certain professional sports are starting to re-establish their presence on TV, but with the return of sports comes to the return of DUIs. I am prepared to defend those accused of DUI by utilizing my 30+ years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer and prosecutor.

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What You Can Expect from Sports During COVID-19

Auto racing, horse racing, golf, baseball, football, hockey, and basketball are all beginning to rise again. Certain athletes and staff from organizations like the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA are allowed to utilize training facilities again. Last weekend (May 16-17), companies such as NASCAR and Churchill Downs held their first races, and PGA Tour held its first live televised match since the shutdown occurred.

These are just a few of the many forthcoming stories of sports teams making their comebacks. While this is wonderful news for sports athletes, fans, and the economy alike, we must not forget that with sports comes DUIs.

Sports & DUIs in Miami

Although bars and nightclubs aren’t open in Miami yet, people still enjoy a cold one while watching sports from the comfort of their homes. Now that the return of sports is giving people something to do, it’s important to consider the threat of more DUIs as a result. You can’t trust that people are refraining from watch parties and tailgates due to COVID-19 restrictions; in fact, sports may encourage people to ditch the rules and engage in prohibited group gatherings to cheer for their favorite teams.

Beyond that, just because people are not physically at a live sports game doesn’t mean they won’t drink alcohol as if they were. Whether they’re with their families or at a prohibited group gathering watching sports, alcohol is almost always in the picture.

This can result in higher DUI cases because people still get behind the wheel to drive home and may pick up food or whatever they desire along the way. Regardless of the circumstances, the following holds true in many instances: When there are sports, there’s alcohol, and when there’s alcohol, there’s a higher chance of DUIs.

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Sports play a major role in US culture, and as such, many people are taking advantage of the slow return of sports games on TV. Since COVID-19 has placed a lot of stress on society, any outlet for entertainment and a sense of normalcy is significant. However, higher DUI rates can also make a return, therefore it’s in your best interest to hire me to represent you if you’ve been accused.

As a former prosecutor myself, I know how to build an effective defense strategy against every anticipated attack from the prosecution in your case. My well-versed legal insight and proactive defense approach can work in your favor by better preventing you from fines, license suspension, and possible jail time.

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