Are My Rights Violated By Having To Wear A Mask in Miami?

By Jonathan Blecher on July 17, 2020

Your rights are not violated because the government is asking you to act in a responsible and safe manner toward other people and to protect the public at large. COVID-19 is particularly dangerous because it can be transmitted by asymptomatic people. Is being forced to wear a seat belt or eye protection on a motorcycle a violation of your rights, too? No it’s not, it’s for protection. The law allows the state to enact measures during an emergency to protect the health and safety of the public. This isn’t a political issue, it’s a health and safety issue. If a doctor has to wear a mask during surgery, or a woman wearing a mask during childbirth, you can wear a mask when you go outside.

In fact, local police agencies are ramping up patrols to enforce mandatory mask use, curfews (10 PM currently), and frequently uncooperative and unruly crowds that are completely ignoring all reopening guidelines.

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