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Month: February 2021

Rapper Trick Daddy Strikes Plea Deal on Cocaine and DUI Charges

Rapper Trick Daddy, real name Maurice Young, negotiated a plea deal with prosecutors at the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office for his arrest on cocaine possession and DUI charges last January. The terms of the plea required accepting the cocaine possession charge, being sentenced to time served in jail (one day), a criminal conviction for the felony, and a dismissal of…

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Traffic Violations – and Nonprofit Funding – on a Decline During the Pandemic

Less Traffic Tickets Means Less Funding for Florida Nonprofits As coronavirus cases started to rise across the country, government officials and health professionals urged people everywhere to limit unnecessary travel and stay home when possible. Americans heeded these warnings, and Florida drivers committed fewer traffic violations because of it. However, while safer roads are a welcome benefit, it comes at…

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Speeding Incidents Are on the Rise

Florida Is Experiencing an Increase in Super Speeder Violations Health officials have instructed families across the nation to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. Floridians have respected these directions, leaving once bustling roadways nearly vacant. The absence of traffic, while resulting in an overall decline in tickets issued, has paved the way for a significant rise in cases of speeding.…

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