Should you contest a DUI?

By Jonathan Blecher on May 18, 2022

Drunk driving is one of the simplest ways to become a criminal without intending to. A criminal record can haunt you for life, so it is crucial to do all you can to fight a DUI charge. Getting legal help to understand your options will be crucial to that. Yet many people never do. They mistakenly assume that they can do it alone, cannot fight it, do not need to bother fighting it, or would be wasting their time doing so.

Here is why you always should look to contest a DUI charge:

You do not want a criminal record

A DUI conviction will come with some immediate penalties. For example, a judge can choose from a range of fines, jail sentences, license suspensions and ignition interlcoks requirements. The law lays out which penalties a judge can give depending upon if you have been charged before and if there were any special circumstances.

Your insurance premiums will also rise massively after a DUI conviction making it an expensive experience all around.

Yet in some ways it is the longer term consequences that are more damaging. Many people treat those with a criminal record differently, even if the person did not harm anyone, or intentionally set out to break the law.

Employers may decide a criminal record makes you unsuitable for a job you apply for. A committee may decide it disqualifies you for a position of responsibility, and even housing and education providers may turn you away because of it. Getting urgent legal help to understand all your defense options is the best way to avoid a DUI charge ruining your life.

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