Watch your drink: Drugs could lead to a DUI

By Jonathan Blecher on June 27, 2022

You were out at a club and you had a few drinks–but nothing that should have remained in your system to the point of impairment by the time you decided left for home. However, you left because you started to feel tired and disoriented, deciding that you probably just needed to get some sleep.

If that sounds familiar, you may have been a victim of someone putting something illegal in your drink. It’s important to remember that even if someone else spikes your drink, you could end up facing DUI charges for choosing to drive home when you were too impaired to do so safely.

I didn’t know I was drugged, so what can I do?

Many people don’t know that they’ve been drugged until they try to drive and are stopped for careless driving pattern or get into a crash. If you are accused of a DUI for any reason and know that you did not drink or have enough to result in the charges, it’s necessary to determine the actual cause of your impairment.

Your attorney can get the results of a urine or blood test from the toxicologist, which could help your case. For example, finding results including a drug like Rohypnol may add legitimacy to a claim that you were drugged by someone without your knowledge. That is a common club drug that people fall victim to.

DUI drug charges could be dismissed if you were actually a victim of a crime

If you didn’t know that you were impaired, there couldn’t have been any way for you to decide not to drive while impaired. It can be a good defense to show that you were a victim of another person’s actions against you. Showing that you were drugged and didn’t know could help you get the DUI charges dropped.

No two cases are the same: You deserve support

When it comes to DUI cases, no two are exactly alike. Whether you had a few drinks or none at all and were accused of a DUI, it’s important that you do have an opportunity to defend yourself. Taking the right steps now could help you reduce or eliminate the charges you’re facing today.

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