Why you shouldn’t run from the police 

By Jonathan Blecher on September 12, 2022

You see blue lights behind you. Cops approach you on the street or the airport.  It generally comes as a bit of a shock, particularly to those who have had no previous dealings with law enforcement and have done nothing wrong. 

In situations like this, it’s common for what is called the “fight or flight” response to kick in. Your instinct might be to get out of there as quickly as you can. This is probably one of the worst things you could do. Here’s the key reasons why it’s a bad idea to run from the police:

You might be placing yourself in danger 

The primary duty of law enforcement in Miami is to preserve life. Thus, the use of force is only permitted when it is absolutely necessary. If you run, then it is likely to turn into a chase scenario. Not only could you be struck by traffic in the area or fall, but police may misinterpret you as a threat if they see anything that looks like a weapon on your person. How many videos have you seen where it goes south very quickly? It’s far better to invoke your right to remain silent and be compliant with their orders than risk injury.

You’re probably damaging your case 

Most people are aware of the saying “There’s no need to run if you have nothing to hide”. This is a narrative that can be used against you in court. The prosecution may have a lack of evidence against you, but the fact that you ran could be used to sway the opinion of the jury in their favor. There’s also a possibility that you might face separate charges for resisting arrest

If you’ve been charged by the police then it’s important to try not to panic. You don’t have to face the accusations against you alone. Having legal guidance will help ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome in your case. 

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