Can you share a medical marijuana card?

By Jonathan Blecher on January 13, 2023

Over recent years, twenty-three states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, though Florida has not yet joined this trend. Legalization has been proposed in the Florida Legislature but hasn’t made it past committee hearings. So while medical marijuana is legal, recreational marijuana use is not. This could change in the future, but things are currently a bit complicated with very different marijuana laws from one state to the next.

However, if you do have a medical marijuana card, you may not be all that worried about getting recreational marijuana. You already have access to the products that you need for medically prescribed purposes.

But what if you have friends or family who do not have a medical card, and ask you to share it with them? It’s your card, in your name, so are you allowed to do anything you want with it?

Sharing the card is illegal

People sometimes believe that having the card alone makes the purchase legal, but that is not the case. Like with any other prescription medication, the medication is only legal for the person that holds that prescription. Giving your card to someone else does not allow them to make a legal purchase. If either of you is caught doing this, both could face charges for this type of fraudulent behavior to get around the current laws.

What should you do next?

It’s understandable how a minor oversight could lead to these charges. Perhaps you were just trying to help a friend, knowing how the medication has helped you in the past, and you didn’t realize you were doing anything wrong. If this does occur, you need to know about your defense options. Drug charges can have a major impact on your future.

List of states with recreational use marijuana:






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