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Can You Get a DUI While Being Stoned in Miami?

by Jonathan Blecher | February 23, 2022 | DUI

Yes. Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in Florida and subject to the same penalties as driving while impaired by alcohol or any other drug. You can get a DUI anytime you drive impaired by drugs or alcohol. Worse, you could cause an accident and hurt yourself or others. How Does Being Stoned […]

The Science Behind Stoned-Driving Laws Makes Absolutely No Sense

by Jonathan Blecher | February 7, 2022 | DUI

Recreational marijuana is legal in many parts of the country, but the laws for “driving while baked,” have not yet caught up to the driving under the influence (DUI) laws that apply to alcohol consumption. Unlike alcohol-related DUIs, which apply when you have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or more, drug DUIs are […]

The Canada-U.S. border is reopening! Will a criminal record prevent a visit?

by Jonathan Blecher | August 5, 2021 | Criminal Defense, DUI

Just after midnight on August 9, 2021, the Canada-U.S. border will finally reopen for recreational travel. This is huge news for people and businesses on both sides of the border, marking the end of 16 months of severe travel restrictions. Fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and green card holders will finally be able enter into Canada, […]

MADD Proposes Mandatory IID Installation in Florida

by Jonathan Blecher | May 17, 2021 | Criminal Defense, DUI

Mandatory IID Installation in FL Would Save Lives, Says MADD Drunk driving deaths in West Virginia, Arizona, Louisiana, and New Mexico have significantly decreased after ignition interlock devices were required for all DUI offenders. Florida may be next. Currently, a first-time DUI conviction with no aggravating factors in Florida does not require you to install […]

Can You Go to Canada if You Have a DUI?

by Jonathan Blecher | May 11, 2021 | Criminal Defense, DUI

Convicted for DUI or Reckless Driving? Canada May Not Let You In. If you got a DUI or reckless driving conviction in the US, you may want to reconsider your plans to visit Canada, as the country has strict policies on immigration and tourism for foreign nationals who have a criminal record. Canadian immigration officials […]

Is a Hit and Run Worse than a DUI in FL?

by Jonathan Blecher | March 10, 2021 | Criminal Defense, DUI

Hit and Run vs. DUI Regardless of the circumstances, hit and run charges and DUI charges are both serious. Clients often ask me if one is worse than the other, but the bottom line is each charge alone has damaging consequences. Getting accused of both crimes together is even more devastating. Depending on the details […]

What Are 8 Tips for Hiring the Best DUI Lawyer in Miami?

by Jonathan Blecher | November 12, 2020 | DUI

Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Miami DUI Attorney Facing DUI charges? If this is your first time experiencing these accusations, you are likely feeling frightened, confused, and uncertain. However, I am here to help provide some clarity as you undergo the process of hiring the right attorney to defend you. There are countless attorneys […]

The Truth Behind the D-L Test

by Jonathan Blecher | October 22, 2020 | DUI

If you got charged for DUI, you must remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. You’d be surprised to learn how many fatal mistakes are made in the justice system, one being the use of a field sobriety test that doesn’t necessarily test for drugs alone. A NarcoPouch test is a presumptive field sobriety test […]

Why You Can’t Trust Marijuana Evidence in DUI Cases

by Jonathan Blecher | September 17, 2020 | Drug DUI, DUI

Were You Accused of Driving While High? Florida has the third-highest number of medical marijuana patients in the US, and its legislation on medical and recreational marijuana will likely expand further in the coming years. Marijuana has become widely popular across the US as states continue to legalize certain recreational and medical uses of this […]

Can I Refuse a Breath Test in Florida?

by Jonathan Blecher | August 21, 2020 | DUI

Implied Consent & DUI Breath Tests In Florida, drivers who are suspected of driving under the influence (DUI) will likely get asked to submit to a breathalyzer test. A breath test measures blood alcohol content (BAC) by determining how much alcohol is present when a person exhales into the device. Contrary to popular belief, Florida […]