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Can I Be Convicted of a DUI on a Horse and Buggy?

by Jonathan Blecher | January 14, 2020 | DUI

Well, it seems you can in Michigan, or at least be arrested for it. In Michigan, recently, four Amish young men, with questionable judgment were stopped while riding in buggy drawn by a horse by Gladwin County deputies. Police saw them throw beer cans from the buggy. Officers found empty and full beer cans and […]

Can I Avoid an Ignition Interlock Device in the Miami Dui Back on Track Program?

by Jonathan Blecher | January 14, 2020 | DUI

Miami DUI Prosecutors, in conjunction with input from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, are frequently making changes to the terms and conditions of the Back on Track Program. One of the most cumbersome requirements for DUI offenders is the installation of an ignition interlock device for either three or six months. What if I don’t own a car? […]

The Real Costs of a DUI in Florida

by Jonathan Blecher | November 19, 2019 | DUI

The Real Costs of a DUI in Florida Here’s some fairly reliable estimates a first-time DUI conviction could cost (the cost may be higher in some other states). Remember, these numbers are estimates so your mileage may vary. Fines, court and attorneys’ fees: $10,000 Florida has statutory/mandatory fines associated with DUI. Much will depend whether […]

Florida DUI: Do I Have to Take a Chemical Test?

by Jonathan Blecher | October 9, 2019 | DUI

For a lot of drivers, what they learned about driving under the influence (DUI) stops, they gleaned from TV and the movies. In my experience, the average driver doesn’t know much about Florida’s DUI laws, but that’s not just the case in Florida, that’s the case across the nation. Few people have a firm grasp of their […]

How Do I Avoid a DUI?

by Jonathan Blecher | October 2, 2019 | DUI

If you’re like a lot of people, you enjoy drinking alcohol on occasion. After all, drinking is practically an American pastime. In the United States, it’s common for people to drink at weddings, holiday gatherings, family barbeques, Super Bowl parties, birthday parties, divorce parties, football games, concerts, and so on. Since alcohol is frequently available […]

What Drugs Can Get Me Busted for DUI in Florida?

by Jonathan Blecher | September 4, 2019 | DUI

In Florida, the state’s driving under the influence (DUI) law can be found under Section 316.193 of the Florida Statutes. Under Florida law, a person is guilty of DUI when they are driving or are in actual physical control of a vehicle within Florida and they are under the influence of alcohol, any chemical substance […]

How Long Will My License Be Revoked for a First Dui in Miami?

by Jonathan Blecher | August 30, 2019 | DUI

In all states, including Florida, it is considered a “privilege,” not a right, to drive on the public roadways. In Florida, once you obtain your driver’s license, you can maintain it as long as you do what’s required of you. However, your license can be suspended or revoked for a number of reasons, including but […]

Will a Felony DUI Lead to Removal Proceedings?

by Jonathan Blecher | August 23, 2019 | DUI

One thing about Miami is it has a diverse population. With a rich culture, Miami is home to many different people from various countries. This diversity of cultures gives Miami it’s incredible “flavor,” especially when it comes to music, languages, art, ethnic food, and immigrant-owned business in Miami-Dade County. Since Miami is home to so […]

Can Domestic Violence Affect Immigration Status?

by Jonathan Blecher | July 31, 2019 | DUI

Not only is Miami absolutely beautiful, but it has one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the country. A large percentage of its residents are originally from places such as Cuba, Central America, and South America. With Miami’s large immigrant population, a lot of people who are facing domestic violence charges in the city […]

When is a Multiple DUI a Felony in Florida?

by Jonathan Blecher | July 29, 2019 | DUI

Are you facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Miami or anywhere else in Florida? If so, you may be wondering if DUI is a misdemeanor or a felony in Florida, and that is a reasonable question to ask. In all states, DUI can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on […]