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Are you looking for an expungement lawyer in Coral Gables? Being convicted of a crime means you face some potentially severe consequences, such as imprisonment and hefty fines. One of the long-term consequences for a convict is having a criminal record, which can cause major issues with future employment, housing, and education prospects. In addition, a criminal record can impact your personal relationships. However, you could clear your criminal record through the assistance of an expungement lawyer. If you are interested in learning more about how an expungement lawyer in Coral Gables, FL, can help clear your criminal record, continue reading. 

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Understanding Expungement

Under Florida Law, adult criminal records are made public except for records that are either expunged or sealed. Individuals convicted of crimes in Florida can have their criminal records erased through an expungement process. This process is also known as the sealing of criminal records, which is technically a slightly different process but has the same goal of making criminal records inaccessible or non-existent. 

Expungement means removal of the offender’s criminal history while sealing of records refers to restricted access to the records. 

While convicted individuals would like to have their crimes erased from their records and get a fresh start, some requirements need to be met for them to be eligible for this. 

The expungement requirements depend on several factors, including the specific nature of the case, such as the nature of the crime and the criminal history of the individual. For example, if a person was arrested but not convicted or if they were found guilty but the conviction was overturned on appeal, then they could qualify for expungement. Not all criminal records are eligible for expungement, for example, violent crimes or sex crimes typically cannot be removed from records. 

The Process Of Expungement 

There are many steps to expunging or sealing your criminal record, and many factors that can influence the process and the outcome. Generally, there are two main options to erase criminal records – expungement or the sealing of records. In both processes, the attorney has to follow the processes outlined by the Florida Statutes and Rules of Procedure. 

The first step in either process is checking the person’s eligibility. This is often a tricky phase as several factors need to be considered, including the criminal history of the offender. If they have multiple arrests or convictions on their record, then getting a clean slate is more challenging. 

After eligibility has been determined, your attorney will file a petition for expungement. This step is where you formally request expungement or the sealing of your criminal record. The court has the right to order an investment or do background checks to verify your eligibility. Generally, each criminal charge on the record requires a certified disposition. 

In some cases, a court hearing might be required as part of the process. Keep in mind that the prosecution or other relevant parties could object to your petition for expungement. Therefore, you and your lawyer may have to address their objections in court. 

If the court approves your petition for expungement or the sealing of your criminal record, it will issue an order to the relevant law enforcement agencies to expunge or seal your records in their system. Lastly, you will receive an official notice from the court that you have been given a fresh start. You can learn more about the expungement process from your Coral Gables criminal defense attorney

Get Guidance From an Experienced Coral Gables Expungement Attorney

We all make mistakes in life, but you shouldn’t be punished for mistakes all your life. Of course, some crimes are so severe that they will always appear on a criminal record, but for lesser crimes, a person deserves a fresh start. Allow our experienced expungement attorney at Jonathan B. Blecher, P.A to assess your case to determine if you can seal or expunge your criminal record. There is a very strict process to get an expungement but with our experience in such cases, we can help you get the best possible outcome for your case. 

If you have us represent you in your expungement case, you can expect our expert legal guidance and complete commitment and support throughout the process. We have helped many of our clients get a fresh start in life, and we can do the same for you. 

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