Coral Gables Gun Crimes Lawyer: Protecting Your Rights with Jonathan B. Blecher, P.A.

Do you need a Coral Gables gun crimes lawyer? The Sunshine State has strict penalties for individuals convicted of gun crimes. However, with the assistance of an experienced attorney, you can successfully defend against the charges. Several types of legal defenses can be used in gun crime cases in Coral Gables, FL. You can get in touch with us at Jonathan B. Blecher, P.A., to learn about your best legal options to defend against gun charges. 

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Florida’s Gun Laws And Relevant Statutes

Gun laws vary by state with each state having its own specific requirements for the purchase, possession, transportation, and use of firearms. Florida does not require a permit to buy a firearm. Anyone buying a gun from a licensed firearms dealer needs to have a background check but private sale firearms don’t require a background check. 

In Florida, adults 21 or older may purchase a gun, unless they fall within the categories of people not allowed to purchase firearms. This includes individuals convicted of a felony, a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, and those who have renounced United States citizenship. 

Florida has strict gun laws that govern gun ownership, liability, and use. Carrying a gun openly in public is generally considered illegal, unless in certain cases, such as hunting or at a shooting range. There are some designated gun-free zones, such as schools and courthouses. If anyone carries a firearm in these zones, they can receive criminal penalties. 

Florida has a “Stand Your Ground” law where individuals have the right to use deadly force to defend themselves or others from imminent serious bodily harm. In Florida, it is illegal to consume alcohol or other controlled substances when carrying a firearm. 

Common Gun Crimes in Florida 

Here are some of the most common gun crimes in Florida:

  • Possession of a firearm in a prohibited place 
  • Unlawful discharge of a firearm
  • Carrying a firearm without a permit 
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm
  • Illegal sale or transfer of a firearm 
  • Aggravated assault or armed robbery with a firearm 
  • Unlawful exhibition of a firearm

In many cases, gun crime charges include a combination of more than one charge. For example, the defendant can be charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and the unlawful discharge of a firearm. Multiple charges can often complicate gun crime cases and this is one of the reasons you need a skilled gun crimes attorney to help you understand your rights and the charges against you. 

Defense Strategies Used in Gun Crimes Cases

Gun crimes in Florida are often considered felonies which can lead to severe criminal penalties. While Florida issues a high number of concealed carry permits for firearms, this should not be misconstrued to indicate the state is soft on gun laws. In fact, the penalties for gun crimes in Florida are often more strict compared to other states in the U.S. However, you have the right to defend against any gun crime charges. Based on the specifics of your case, your attorney will recommend the best defense strategy. 

The laws in Florida allow people to use force to protect themselves, so if you used your firearm for self-defense then that is a strong defense to the charges. Your lawyer can also use the “lack of possession” defense to prove that you did not carry the firearm in question. For example, the firearm belonged to someone else or you were unaware of the presence of the firearm. 

If the law enforcement officials obtained the firearm through an illegal search and seizure, then your defense could be that they violated your Fourth Amendment right and that the evidence should be not admissible in court. There are several other legal defenses to gun crime charges. 

Consult an Experienced Gun Crimes Lawyer

Have you been accused of a gun crime in Coral Gables, FL? At Jonathan B. Blecher, P.A., we have an in-depth understanding of gun laws in Florida. Our extensive experience in gun crime cases allows us to know exactly what is needed to defend against the charges. Allow us to investigate your case and explore your legal options. We highly recommend that you take prompt action against the gun crime charges because you need time to build a strong defense. 
You can explore our specialized services in Coral Gables gun crimes defense. We also encourage you to learn more about our Coral Gables criminal defense attorney dedicated to protecting your rights. You can contact us to schedule a consultation with a defense attorney from Jonathan B. Blecher, P.A.