Miami Commercial Vehicle Traffic Offense Lawyer

Traffic offense allegations can damage anyone. They carry high fines, license suspensions, and even jail time. When you are a commercial vehicle driver, traffic offenses can affect your very livelihood. Depending on the severity of the charge, you could lose your ability to work.

As a former prosecutor, I know how eager your accusers are to get a conviction. In that enthusiasm, they often forget how much damage charges bring to someone’s life. Now a defender, I bring over 30 years of legal experience into the courtroom, fighting for Florida’s citizens, not against them.

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Penalties Specific To CMV Drivers

Along with the standard traffic laws that everyone must follow, truckers and other commercial drivers must follow several other rules. If they are accused of breaking these rules, penalties can be harsh.

For example, truckers are expected to come to a full stop at any rail crossing, regardless of whether the gate is up or lowered. Rolling or incomplete stops can be cited by police, which could have severe consequences for truckers. Commercial vehicle drivers could have their commercial driver’s license suspended for a full year. If you’ve been accused of ignoring train tracks, allow me to investigate your case. There may be ways to challenge the evidence. For example, the police officer may have been
unable to see a complete stop from their vantage point.

CMV drivers also face specialized penalties for so-called “serious” and “major” traffic violations. Serious offenses include distracted driving, reckless driving, speeding at 15 or more miles per hour above the speed limit, etc. If you are accused of two serious offenses within three years, you could have your CDL revoked for a minimum of 60 days.

Major violations often involve serious criminal charges. They include DUIs, using the vehicle to commit a felony, and fleeing the scene of an accident. These accusations affect someone’s driving record, and they are handled in criminal court. When a CMV driver is accused of these crimes, they can lose their CDL for one full year. Drivers who work with hazmat materials can have their license revoked for three years.

If you are a CMV driver, you are aware that truckers have a set number of hours they can work. Going over this limit can cause exhausted driving, which often leads to mistakes on the road. This, in turn, can lead to a traffic violation, resulting in a CDL suspension. If this happens, it may not be your fault. Employers are often guilty of pushing their drivers too hard, demanding unrealistic delivery times. When your employer’s actions cause you to suffer consequences, you need a skilled attorney who can prove that you were operating under illegal demands.

According to our Constitution, you are innocent when you enter a courtroom, regardless of the charges against you. As a defense attorney, I will fight to help you retain your innocence and your job.

Construction Vehicle Violations

Much like CMV drivers, workers who operate construction vehicles can suffer more than just citations for alleged traffic violations. Construction vehicles should not be used as transportation on public roads. Perhaps you are simply moving a vehicle to the other side of the job site. Not knowing the full story, an officer sees you on the road and cites you. Such a citation could result in job loss. Never assume that a construction vehicle offense is “minor.” Allow me to use my years of experience to help fight against life-altering charges.

Food Delivery Drivers

These days, there are hundreds of drivers making money with ridesharing and food delivery companies. Food deliverers are not required to follow any specific, rigid guidelines on the road. However, traffic citations can affect their employment. Regardless of the charge’s severity, you should fight the allegation, especially if it happened during a delivery.

If you drive for a living, you need someone to defend you against traffic violations. I am here for Miami citizens, defending their rights, freedoms, and jobs.

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