Miami Out-Of-State Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Miami is a bustling city with many tourists, especially during the summer months. Many of these visitors are drivers, which opens them up to traffic tickets. A traffic violation is a legal issue that requires attention regardless of someone’s home state or country. If you’ve been ticketed in the state of Florida, you need a Florida attorney to defend you.

I am attorney JONATHAN B. BLECHER. With 30 years of legal experience, I can help fight your traffic violation, even if you are visiting from another state. As a former prosecutor, I know how the system can treat you as guilty before you’ve had your day in court. There is no such thing as a “minor” accusation, and even traffic offenses bear the burden of proof. I may be able to prove your innocence, getting your charges dismissed.

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What Happens When You Are Ticketed in Another State?

Most states have signed interstate agreements regarding traffic violations. The state that charges you handles the case. This means that if you visited Florida, your traffic violation is a Florida charge. However, the consequences could still follow you home. Because of interstate agreements, your home state could add points and penalties against you and your license.

The Out-of-State Ticket Process

In most cases, you are expected to fight your accusation in the state where the violation occurred. This means that you must find a lawyer who practices in that state, travel to that state, and argue your case there. For many, particularly those who are just passing through a state, this is not a feasible course of action.

Miami, however, has regular visitors. Many people have family in the city, and they spend long stretches with their kin. It is also a destination hotspot for vacationing regulars. If you are one of the many people who see Miami as a “second home,” you should defend against your traffic charges. I can help you with a credible defense, possibly saving you future penalties.

Why You Should Fight An Out-Of-State Ticket

You should challenge any traffic violation, no matter where it took place. It may seem more expensive to hire a lawyer, but in reality, you could save money over time. Traffic violations often result in points on a license. Once your car insurance company sees these points, they can raise your premiums. A spike in your monthly payments can throw off your entire budget, forcing you to reallocate resources from necessary expenses.

Getting a traffic ticket removed can also save you time. This may sound backwards, since fighting your ticket takes time with lawyers and courtrooms. However, depending on your home state, traffic tickets can come with time-consuming penalties. You could be ordered to attend a multiple-day traffic course. Perhaps, if the charge is severe enough, you could be forced to work several days of community service. The time it takes to serve your penalty could far outweigh the time needed to challenge the state’s allegations.

If you are able to attend a Miami hearing for your traffic ticket, call me today. I am here to fight for your rights, time, freedom, and finances.

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