Driving With A .08 Blood Alcohol Level

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Driving with an Unlawful Alcohol Level (DUBAL) is a criminal offense in Florida. If you have been arrested with a blood alcohol level of .08 or greater, contact me, a Miami DUI attorney, for aggressive representation and seasoned counsel.

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Blood Alcohol Content And The Consequences Of A DUI

An alcohol level of .08 is the legal minimum for presumed alcohol impairment in Florida. Because of this, an arrest with this blood alcohol level will lead to a DUI arrest and charges in court. If you are charged with DUBAL, you will face a number of administrative consequences relating to your freedom to drive.

An administrative suspension for DUBAL (Driving With and Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level) will lead to the following:

  • A Formal Review Hearing to challenge the suspension or waiver of the hearing
  • License suspension for 6 months (for a first offense)
  • A limited driving permit, for business purposes only, in many cases

If the Formal Review Hearing doesn’t go in your favor you will have a 30-day period with NO DRIVING. After that, you may be eligible to reinstate your license. This will allow you to regain some of your driving privileges.

With the help of an attorney, you can work to reinstate your license and minimize the effects of a suspension.

Regain Your License After A DUI Conviction

If you are unable to travel to work or school because of a license suspension, you may be able to apply for a hardship license.

In order to qualify, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Provide evidence of approval for reinstatement
  • Prove that you have completed or enrolled in DUI School
  • Complete required treatment, to retain the permit
  • Pass an examination
  • Do not have a prior DUI conviction

If you have already served the terms of your revocation period, you are only required to complete traffic school and an examination. In any case, my firm can provide the guidance you need as you work toward regaining your license. I can help you fill out the appropriate paperwork and satisfy all necessary requirements to ensure that you regain your freedom as soon
as possible.

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