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A first DUI offense will earn you no more than six months of jail time and a possible penalty of $500 to $1,000. You could also have your driver’s license suspended. However, if you’ve already had a DUI and are facing another charge, there are a few differences between the two you need to know. A second, third, fourth, or fifth DUI will all face slightly higher penalties. While a first-time offense could be overlooked as a mistake, a judge is less likely to forgive a repeated crime.

What Penalties Could I Face?

Just like a first-time offense, a second DUI will likely be a misdemeanor.

A person with a second DUI conviction will face both administrative and criminal penalties, including the following:

  • License suspension for 12 to 18 months
  • Jail time from nine months to five years
  • Fines ranging from $1,000 to $5,000
  • License revocation of five years
  • Ignition interlock device for one year
  • 30-day vehicle impoundment

The severity of these penalties will depend on how recent your last DUI was. If your second conviction was less than five years after your first, you will face harsher punishments. A third will still be a misdemeanor if the last DUI occurred more than a decade ago, but if the previous DUI was sooner, your DUI would become a felony. Felonies come with increased punishment, meaning your jail time will be longer and your fines will be greater. For example, a third DUI conviction would be punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine; however, if someone was killed while you were driving, the punishment could turn into 15–30 years in prison.

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