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Are Grand Jury Proceedings Secret in Florida?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Grand Jury proceedings are secret in Florida under state law. Anyone who testifies during the grand jury proceeding cannot disclose the proceedings. The only way that you find out what a grand jury has decided is if they hand down an indictment which then accuses someone of committing a crime.

A grand jury is a tool for prosecutors. Most often, the prosecutor is the only official present in the Grand Jury room. A presiding judge rarely participates in a grand jury session and then only to resolve legal issues that arise such as questions concerning witness immunity.

Florida Statutes Section 905.24 (2012), codifies the notion of secrecy: “Grand jury proceedings are secret, and a grand juror or an interpreter appointed pursuant to s. 90.6063(2) shall not disclose the nature or substance of the deliberations or vote of the grand jury.

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