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Month: April 2016

DUI Victim Impact Panel in Miami

Routinely imposed as a condition of probation or the Back on Track Miami Diversion Program in DUI cases in Miami, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) presents a panel discussion to hundreds of people each month. In Miami, the groups meet at Miami Southwest Senior High School. The Victim Impact Panel in Miami is delivered by MADD. The purpose of the…

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Moving After a Florida DUI

  Let’s say that you moved to Florida from California after graduating college so you could accept an exciting new job. While living in Miami, you were enjoying the nightlife and perhaps a little too much. You had your first DUI in Los Angeles when you were attending UCLA, and now you got your second DUI (in three years) while…

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Can I Be Un-Arrested for a Florida DUI?

Since 1982, I have defended over 3,000 suspended license and DUI cases, so I can honestly say that nothing surprises me anymore. For this post, I am going to discuss something that is highly rare, but possible. It has to do with what some would call being “un-arrested” for driving under the influence. Let’s say that Joe was arrested on…

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