My Offense Is Minor – Do I Really Need an Attorney?

By Jonathan Blecher on March 7, 2017

A minor offense might not seem too important, and you may be wondering if it is worth hiring an attorney. Some people choose to defend themselves, even in serious felony cases. The problem with this tactic is that even though you could save on legal fees, the consequences could last for a lifetime. For example, many misdemeanors may not appear to be very significant, but often carry a potential sentence of up to 12 months.

If the judge is having a bad day, you could seriously regret not having an attorney representing you. Judges are human and can impose heavy sentences one day and lighter ones the next, based upon how they are feeling. Some judges are known for being tough and imposing heavy sentences in most cases. Do you know the history of the judge you will be facing? An attorney will, and can approach the case correctly, based upon all the details.

If you are innocent, you can’t assume that you won’t have any problem getting off. If you have been arrested and charged, it means the prosecutor believes there is sufficient evidence to convict. Innocent people get convicted, and in some cases, it is merely because they could not or did not get an attorney that knows the system and how to get a result.

Let My Firm Safeguard Your Future

A minor criminal conviction, such as a misdemeanor, can impact you later, including increasing penalties that could be imposed upon you if you are ever convicted again in the future. Florida is known for the heavy punishments that are imposed upon offenders. It is advised that you have an attorney, no matter how minor the charge.

As a Miami criminal defense attorney, I have a deep and extensive understanding of Florida law. My dedication to my clients, my practice, and the law make me qualified to defend you from the criminal allegations you face. Should you hire my legal services, you can be confident that I will investigate every detail of your case and fight the evidence presented against you.

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