Moving After a Florida DUI

By Jonathan Blecher on April 21, 2016


Let’s say that you moved to Florida from California after graduating college so you could accept an exciting new job. While living in Miami, you were enjoying the nightlife and perhaps a little too much.

You had your first DUI in Los Angeles when you were attending UCLA, and now you got your second DUI (in three years) while living in Florida. The DUI cost you your job, so you were forced to move back home to Ohio to live with your parents.

Can you serve out your jail time in Ohio? Can you complete the DUI School requirements in Ohio as well? It was a simple DUI, no children were in your vehicle, and there was no property damage and no one was hurt. Will you have to fly back to Florida to address your DUI charges?

You’re thinking, “I want to avoid returning to Florida to serve out a jail sentence.”

How would a mandatory jail sentenced be imposed if you’re living in Ohio or another state? You’ve done your best to recover, you’ve managed to get a good job in Ohio and an ID; now you’re just waiting for your Florida DUI trial.

Will you have to go to jail in Florida?

Will you have to serve any jail time in Florida? Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is yes. I can’t see why Ohio would be willing to accept you as an inmate and pay to house you in their jail, even if a Florida judge was willing to make an exception.

If you’re in this difficult situation, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. There may viable defenses in your DUI case, but they
are complicated by you taking up residence in Ohio. You want to explore your DUI defenses before you do anything else.

My questions for you:

  • Are you currently on bond?
  • Did the bail bondman give you permission to leave Florida?
  • Did the court give you permission to leave Florida?

You undoubtedly will have a court date coming up in the near future, and without a Miami DUI defense attorney appearing on your behalf, a warrant may be issued for your arrest if you fail to appear.

Jonathan Blecher, P.A. concentrates on defending DUI cases throughout Miami-Dade County. Contact me to discuss your case; your situation is particularly delicate and requires proper handling by a skilled DUI attorney. To learn more about me, I invite you to read my attorney profile to see my qualifications.

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