How Are Sex Offense Charges Defended?

By Jonathan Blecher on November 1, 2018

If you are facing sex offense charges in Florida, you need a knowledgeable and experienced defense attorney – I cannot overstate this enough. In many cases, the penalties for a Florida sex offense are daunting. Sex offender registration, fines, and a lengthy prison sentence are only the beginning. If someone has to register as a sex offender for life, the stigma can be devastating and affect every aspect of the offender’s personal and professional life.

In Florida, one of the main categories of sex crimes in sexual battery under Section 794.011 of the Florida Statutes. Typically, a felony of the first or second degree, much of the penalties involved depend on the following:

  • The age of the offender,
  • The age of the victim,
  • If the victim sustained any injuries and if so, to what extent, and
  • Whether a deadly weapon was used during the incident.

Another category of sex offenses involves crimes against children. In Florida, these crimes include but are not limited to lewd or lascivious battery, lewd or lascivious molestation, lewd or lascivious conduct and exhibition. You can learn more under Section 800.04 of the Florida Statutes. These are typically felonies of the second or third degree.

Effective Defense Strategies

Sex offense charges can be complicated because they’re often “he said, she said” cases and there were no witnesses involved. In many situations, they arise out of a divorce where there’s a battle over child custody. In the vast majority of sex offense cases, the alleged victim and perpetrator knew each other.

While each sex crime case is unique, the principles of a good defense are always the same –extensive preparation and hard work. It’s absolutely vital that the defense attorney understand the witness’s motivation, as well as the relationship history and the dynamics at play. Often, when I’m able to dig deep, cracks start to show and before you know it, we have fertile ground for a great defense.

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The stigma associated with a sex offense conviction is lifelong, and if you’re facing sex crime charges, it’s important to understand that. To protect your freedom and your reputation, contact my firm for help.

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