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Shoplifting is a serious crime in the state of Florida, and it can result in a number of serious consequences depending on the severity of the theft that occurred. While many people are guilty of this offense, there are countless others who are falsely accused of shoplifting, even if it was accidental or innocent. Some people may not realize they are leaving the business or store with an item they did not pay for. Despite your intention, shoplifting results in harsh penalties – which is why it is vital you rely on Miami criminal defense lawyer to fight for your rights. If convicted, it will be on your record indefinitely, showing up in even the most basic of background checks.

Depending on the value of stolen goods, shoplifting can be charged in one of two ways: petit theft or grand theft. The merchandise will be evaluated to determine value, as the more expensive the item, the worse the penalties are. If convicted, you will likely face jail time, probation, costly fines, or all three. Shoplifting can be charged as anywhere from a misdemeanor to a felony, and if you have a previous conviction, the consequences will be far more severe.

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