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Bipartisan Support for Cannabis on the Rise

Is Federal Marijuana Reform a Possibility? The US Senate election results may affect cannabis legislation at the federal level. While five states legalized either medical or adult-use cannabis this past election, the question of whether Congress will consider federal cannabis policy reform has no clear answer yet. However, there is hope. Many Democrats have long-supported the legalization of both recreational…

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Cannabis Removed from World’s Most Dangerous Drugs List

Medical Cannabis Is Making History The World Health Organization proposed 6 recommendations on international regulations of different parts and uses of cannabis, and out of all the recommendations, reclassifying cannabis was a primary concern for the United Nations Commission for Narcotic Drugs (CND). As such, the Commission voted on December 2nd to remove medical cannabis from Schedule IV of the…

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Holiday Parties & Increased Police Patrols in Miami, FL

DUI Checkpoints During the Holidays: The Not-So-Wonderful Time of the Year The holidays are quickly approaching, making it a good time to discuss the implications of the season. While many Floridians are keeping spirits bright this year by throwing holiday parties and hosting family gatherings, they must also be aware of heightened police patrols and DUI checkpoints. This is because…

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Boating Under the Influence Diversion Program Hits Miami Waters

The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office is rolling out a new Boating Under The Influence Diversion Program, following the highly successful DUI Back on Track Diversion Program (motor vehicles) started in 2011. While the first job of a defense attorney is to investigate...

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What Are 8 Tips for Hiring the Best DUI Lawyer in Miami?

Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Miami DUI Attorney Facing DUI charges? If this is your first time experiencing these accusations, you are likely feeling frightened, confused, and uncertain. However, I am here to help provide some clarity as you undergo the process of hiring the right attorney to defend you. There are countless attorneys out there who advertise themselves…

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What Are Florida’s Open Container Laws?

FL Open Container Laws The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way many people seek entertainment, particularly drinking. Since many bars have been ordered shut down in different parts of the US, people are doing their drinking in outdoor venues and often have “to-go” containers with them when they get in their cars. Open container violations are even more common now.…

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The Truth Behind the D-L Test

If you got charged for DUI, you must remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. You’d be surprised to learn how many fatal mistakes are made in the justice system, one being the use of a field sobriety test that doesn’t necessarily test for drugs alone. A NarcoPouch test is a presumptive field sobriety test that is widely-used by police…

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The Smell of Marijuana Is No Longer Probable Cause to Conduct a Search

Virginia recently passed legislation that restricts police officers from conducting warrantless searches based on marijuana odor. Prior to this law passing, officers who smelled marijuana from a person or property could lawfully search and seize them. The evidence they obtained could then be used at court proceedings to potentially convict defendants ofmarijuana-related offenses. Luckily, that changed thanks to Senate Bill…

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Key Takeaways from a Pitkin County Jail Incident

A recent order from a local Colorado judge requires those who are arrested for DUI in Aspen and Pitkin County to remain in jail until their court hearing. Pitkin County Judge Erin Fernandez-Ely supported her decision with Colorado’s DUI statutes, which require anyone who was arrested for DUI to be brought before a county judge. The county judge will set…

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