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Illegal Driving Defense In Florida

Imagine you are driving home from dinner with your friends, and you are pulled over for a minor offense. Compliant, you reach for your ID, only to find it missing. Anything could have happened. Perhaps you left it at the restaurant, or you forgot it on the counter when you left the house. Now you are in trouble for your primary traffic offense AND for driving without a license. You should not be penalized on a technicality.

Unlicensed driving is a serious offense in Florida. With over 30 years of legal experience, I can help you fight these charges.

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Charges And Penalties

Florida has rigid laws regarding driving without a license. For only a first offense, the alleged can be charged with a 2nd Degree misdemeanor. If found guilty, they could serve up to 60 days in jail and pay fines of up to $500.

Charges and penalties compound if you have multiple offenses within a five-year period. A second offense carries a 1st Degree misdemeanor charge, punishable by up to one year in jail and fines of up to $1,000.

For a third offense in five years, you could have your license revoked and be labeled as a habitual traffic offender. This suspension can last anywhere from six months to life.

Do not attempt to face these allegations and harsh penalties alone. Call me today, and I may be able to craft a defense right away.

I Can Help Defend You

My name is JONATHAN B. BLECHER, and I have been a defender since 1982. As a former prosecutor, I know the tricks accusers use to trump up charges and influence a confession. Prosecutors often begin their case by assuming you are guilty. They want a conviction, and they can influence the system against you. Often, they will coerce people into a guilty plea, using fear tactics.

I believe that all citizens are innocent until proven guilty, and I am dedicated to helping keep your innocence intact. With a proven track record of results, I can help defend Miami citizens from all manner of traffic violations.

There are several ways I can help argue your case. If you are licensed to drive and simply didn’t have the documentation with you, I can help explain this to the courts. Sometimes, police can pull you over on a road that is not open for public use. Technicalities like these can get charges dismissed. Perhaps you are licensed, but it is by another state or country. If so, you should not be accused of driving illegally. Often, it is necessary to question a police officer’s methods or motives for stopping your car. Traffic stops must be justified, and an officer’s behavior must be above reproach. When this is not the case, allegations can be dismissed.

There are other ways to avoid penalties as well. Sometimes, you can simply pay a court assessment. Afterward, once you prove that you have obtained a valid license, you can be free from unnecessary punishments. I can help guide you through this process, assisting in keeping the paperwork accurate and moving the process forward.

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