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In Florida, drugs are considered to be the direct cause of most crimes. If you have been charged with a drug crime in the state of Florida, you should be aware that conviction could lead to serious penalties. Some drug crimes can even be prosecuted at the federal level, and in recent years, penalties have become more severe. It is imperative that you move quickly to retain an experienced Miami drug crime lawyer who can help you fight the charges you face and protect your freedom and your reputation.

Prohibited activities involving controlled substances include the following:

  • Manufacture
  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Trafficking or importation
  • Fraudulent prescriptions
  • Delivery
  • Sale
  • Cultivation
  • Importation
  • Distribution
  • Driving under the influence of drugs

The level of the crime, as well as the penalties that could result, will also depend on the substance involved. At my firm, Jonathan B. Blecher, P.A., I have handled cases involving a variety of different illegal drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, prescription drugs, and more. With more than three decades of experience in the field of criminal law, I have what it takes to advocate tenaciously and effectively on your behalf.

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I served as a prosecutor for the state of Florida, which gave me invaluable experience on the other side of the courtroom. I bring this unique perspective to each client I defend. Don’t let a drug crime accusation destroy your future and your reputation! As an experienced Miami drug crime attorney, I understand that good people are arrested too. In 80% of my cases, my clients have never had serious trouble with the law before. When you face legal challenges, I can stand beside you with the unwavering defense you need.

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