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Have you been arrested for an offense related to driving under the influence (DUI) in Miami, Florida? At Jonathan B. Blecher, P.A., I know that a mistake could lead to serious consequences. As a Miami DUI lawyer, I am here to assure you that the penalties do not have to be as severe as you may think.

Many people come to my office assuming that the evidence against them is too incriminating to fight. Many people choose not to seek legal representation because they believe that their legal problem is too big and does not have a solution. No matter how complex your DUI matters may seem, I can be trusted to conduct a top to bottom analysis of your case; determine any possible defenses, weaknesses, and strengths in the case; and draft the best possible defense for you!

License Suspension Laws In Florida

For some individuals, a license suspension can create a significant amount of stress. Commercial drivers, for example, rely on their commercial driver’s license to conduct business and maintain a steady source of income on which their family can live. Others, such as businesspeople or college students, rely on their driver’s licenses to get to and from work, school, and other destinations. No matter what walk of life you come from, a driver’s license suspension has the ability to completely change your life.

After a DUI arrest, an officer will issue an order of suspension on your license. In most cases, the officer will grant a temporary license, allowing you only 10 days to consult with a Miami DUI defense attorney to request a DHSMV hearing. At the DHSMV hearing, you will have the opportunity to fight the legality of the driver’s license suspension or apply for a specific business license. With the help of a legal professional, and depending on the circumstances that surround your DUI case, you could protect your license from suspension.

According to Florida DUI and administration suspension laws, license suspension rules for people arrested for DUI can include the following:

  • First Conviction: minimum of 180 days revocation, up to one year
  • Second Conviction within five years of Prior DUI: minimum five years revocation, eligible for hardship reinstatement within one year
  • Third Conviction within 10 years of Prior DUI: minimum 10 years revocation, eligible for hardship reinstatement within two years
  • Fourth Conviction and DUI Manslaughter: mandatory permanent revocation, no hardship reinstatement
  • DUI Manslaughter: mandatory permanent revocation; if no past convictions, may qualify for
    hardship reinstatement after five years
  • DUI with Injury: minimum three-year revocation
  • Underage DUI: mandatory six-month revocation, one year for a refusal of chemical tests

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